Let’s Get Real …

Not all Christians love, just the same as not all Muslims hate, there is good and bad in everything, let’s not forget that.

Let’s not stereotype everyone because thats when we rob people of their God given right to be wonderfully unique, loved by God for who they are, and Free Will to choose what is right for them.

God is Love … Love is kind, tolerant, patient, compassionate, merciful, generous, liberating, and most of all, it is free, and freeing, no strings attached, unconditional, Agape … A Gift from God.

As Christians we are to be Ambassadors for Christ, loving His Way, and in that way, all will see Christ living and shining in our lives. People will look at us and be in awe, not at us, but in the fact they can see, and get to know, the character of God through us.

They won’t have to sit around confused about who Jesus is, they will see Him living and loving through us, til we all look like mini Jesus’s, that’s when the body of Christ is working in Unity, and God’s Glory on Earth is reflecting Gods Glory in Heaven, when we live in His Love, His Way.

I have been watching a Christian Preacher, who has been preaching for 40 years, now I know that, because that is what he claims gives him authority over everybody on who Christ is, and the rules to get to Heaven. His rules are based on his understanding, but not based on the reality of the character of God, and I watch him do so much damage, in the Name of Jesus, and He does not care who he spews hate on, insults or abuses, it’s like watching a train wreck, you don’t want to see it, but for some reason you can’t look away, jaw dropping to say the least.

When posting Scripture he sounds awesome, wise words, good Christian man, but as soon as he freely expresses himself about the Kingdom of God, without Scripture, apparently everyone that disagrees with him, is going to hell, but if you agree with him, you get a thumbs up, lol, some people. So you clearly see he has no intimate relationship with Jesus, because he has no idea what true love is. He believes it to be his way or no way, and that is conditional love, Jesus is unconditional.

He claims to have the Holy Spirit Authority living in him, yet their is no Holy Spirit fruit within him, so his words don’t match his actions, and that is so disappointing because many will meet this man, and what should have been an encounter with the Holy Spirit becomes a hostile exchange with a hateful preacher, so a Golden opportunity is missed, not because the person wasn’t ready to meet with Jesus, but because Jesus representative blocked the encounter through pride, arrogance and ignorance.

So I don’t look at this Preacher and admire his heart and love for people, like Jesus, I look at him and feel sorry for him, and the many he insults and degrades, and all in the Name of Christ. He will never get to know the deep, hidden truths of Gods Kingdom, because his heart is not following Christ, his ego is, and his pride stops him from knowing the truth, a blind Christian, and boy does it show. His actions make a mockery of the very God he says he loves, and that is a shame.

I’ll give him one thing, he’s not prejudice, I have even witnessed him telling Christians they are going to hell if the don’t repent and do things his way, lol, so at least he is consistent in condemning everyone, there’s no favouritism there, lol 😂

I found this comment on his site, and it actually speaks for itself what kind of preacher he is, and believe me, this is one of the tamer, nicer posts I’ve seen …

“Australia always seem to be a weak country afraid to upset Muslims. Muslims must accept Anglo Saxon Law is supreme”.

First thing is, he is not Australian and yet he speaks as if he is, authoritative, again, he assumes so much.

Secondly, Australia is built up and made of Multi-Culturalism, and Muslims part of that mix, and are welcome too, we don’t discriminate because of their religion, it’s called freedom to choose.

Thirdly, not all Muslims are terrorists or hateful, just as not all Christians are loving and kind, there’s good and bad in every religion, even Christianity, and this Preacher proves that.

Fourthly, we are not weak because we let them live here with freedom to practise the religion of their choice, we are strong, and confident, in the fact that we have a long history of building a country, made up of citizens from all over the world, where we are all Australian. We don’t always get it right, but we work hard to ensure all are guaranteed their freedom, and fight for those whose freedoms are threatened.

Note: In saying that, we still have much to learn because we have 1250 refugees, that have been stuck in detention centres for years, left in Limbo, and that is not good, but that is a separate issue at this point.

Fifthly, this world is fighting Isis because they are hate filled dictators, forcing all to live their way, and the world screams for freedom, tolerance, free from Christian persecution, and so the world should be outrage by this threatening of our freedoms, and yet, this preacher is preaching no different.

He may not be calling to kill all who don’t think like him, but he does condemn them to hell, and he’s trying to take Muslims freedom by saying they must admit Anglo Saxon are superior, so tell me, how is that different. Isis is forceful and aggressive in action to enforce their ways (physical death) whilst this preacher is forceful and passive in action (verbally abusive and spiritual death), but at the end of the day, Isis and the preacher are saying the same thing, just from different sides, seriously.

Just from one small sentence he posted he told us so much about him, not Jesus, no wonder Christs body is in a mess, and this world doesn’t think much of Christians, we do it to ourselves by being hypocrites, we don’t look loving and authoritative in Christ, we look foolish, hateful and condemning, we confuse the rest of the world.

I love watching human nature, and how this world interacts, but some days it just leaves me scratching my head, and this is one of those days, lol.

In Order to be effective witnesses for Christ, and to make a difference in this world, we must get intimate with Jesus and build a personal relationship with him, it is then that we are effective, through love and life, and our personal walk with Him.

Jesus softens our hearts and teaches us how to truly love and live in peace, but when we carry on like raving lunatics, it reveals our corrupted state, not Jesus heart and purity.

Lets be good and faithful servants of the Lord, honouring him by doing everything His Way, life is so sweet, so precious, so beautiful, when Jesus is in it 😇

I pray we all Get Real … I pray we all Let go, and Let God.

Less of me & more of Him, what a beautiful affirmation to live by.

God Bless


Dear Hacker/s, thank you

Dear Hacker/s,

How are you? Well I hope!

I know I don’t need to tell you how I’m going, you’ve hacked my phone and social accounts that I know of, only God knows what else you’ve gotten into, but anyway, saves me time having to catch you up, because you already know what’s going on in my life.

Now the reason I don’t know if you are one person or a group is because I found two IP addresses on Facebook and tracked them both to the same location, so you are one person with many devices, or two people who know each other, only you know that though, right?

I must admit for many years your tracking me, bullying and intimidating me nearly drove me to suicide, this time last year I was so terrified of you, so petrified, frozen in fear, alone and frightened for my life, I just wanted to die, and you nearly got what you wanted.

I was contemplating suicide because I felt it was the only way left to protect my family from you, maybe if I’m dead, you’ll leave them alone, I thought at the time, but because of your actions I got to witness how twisted my perception had become based on the terror I was living because of you, you had me believing no one was more powerful than you, and you had become a terrifying monster, a demon I could not escape.

You must be so excited right now, knowing you almost succeeded, pushing me over the edge, wanting to take my own life, but wait, there’s more, it gets better …

The darkest night of my soul was this time last year. I laid on my bed, lifeless, believing I will never be free of you, but then Jesus came, and I have never been the same since! He freed me from you, He broke the chains you had me bound in, fear, terror, hopelessness, etc..

Because of your evil acts, and because I forgave you that night, I have had Jesus profound peace upon me Since then, and I am not scared of you anymore, I know I was wrong in letting you become a giant I could not rid, but that night Jesus reminded me in an instant, you are no match for Him.

He knows what you are doing, my job is to stay strong in Him, that’s it, He’ll do the rest, He is with me, and I am free. Jesus corrected my perception, comforted me whilst I forgave you for what you are doing, and me for seeing you as stronger than Jesus, causing confusion in my Faith, and He gave me clarity through His love, and strength to not give up, or give into you.

My life matters, regardless of what you think or believe. I am precious to Jesus, and that’s all that matters, that He loves me, protects me, comforts me, guides me, teaches me, heals me, and is with me.

Ive since moved and changed my number, again, and only a couple of weeks ago I find that you have found me again, unbelievable.

You have done this to me for a lot of years now, aren’t you bored yet, because I am, lol.

But here is the amazing part, I am at peace, even though I know you’ve hacked me again, I don’t care. Don’t panic, I’m not going to the police, they do nothing, lol, but I love how I don’t fear you anymore, I just feel sorry for you, what a pathetic way to have to live, stalking someone.

But truth be told, I owe you so many thank you’s. Because of you Jesus took me on the most powerful, spiritual journey that wouldn’t have happened, had you not torment me so much.

Sure I ended up with PTSD through it all, but I learnt about the depths of pain and suffering victims go through. I endured the discrimination and isolation people with mental health issues have to put up with. I learnt what it’s like to end up Homeless with no one to turn to. I learnt a wrong way and right way to fight, and the reality is, the only way is to trust Jesus, take Him at His word, because He speaks truth, and I love Him so much. He took every ounce of pain and suffering you afflicted to break me, and ruin me, and turned it into the most amazing love and forgiveness I have experienced in my life. It was awesome, to say the least.

I have witnessed Heaven through Jesus and I fear you not. You can kill my physical body, but that is all you can do, I am in Jesus Hands, not yours, so thank you for helping me to obtain His profound peace over my life, you have done a great service for the Lord, He took your evil ways to teach me His Ways, and for that, I am Blessed.

Your fate is between you and Jesus, so watch your step. You can go too far, He healed me because He knew what was going on, and I cried out to Him from the pits of hell that you dragged me through! and He reached down, and lifted me up, set me free from your playground, he’ll itself, and raised me to Heaven, healing my very existence.

So you will need to answer to an authority that you cannot deceive or manipulate, because it is not of this world, you will answer to your maker, so quit whilst your ahead, repent and go away, in peace.

You’ve gone from being scarey demons I could not conquer or escape, to out of control children behaving badly in my perception, I do not care, just go away.

I still believe you to be dangerous, because to do this to someone shows no love, but rather obsession, and that is dangerous, please get yourself help, seek counselling.

I love you, I forgive you, now go away, lol, seriously get a hobby or something, anything, but not me.

I pray you wake up and get on with your life, seek love, seek peace, seek God’s Will for your life, use your hacking skills for good, not harm, wake up.

But again, thank you, I witnessed Heaven, when you tried to drag me to Hell, and that is priceless, thank you.

God Bless


Do As I Say, Not As I Do …

I learnt at a very young age at how hypocritical this world can be as I often heard quoted from many parents “Do as I say, Not as I do”, however, surely times must have changed, they have to have, that was 45 years ago, I’m sure we must have evolved and learnt over time that in order to teach our children right from wrong, we must live by example so that they may grow having learnt what is acceptable and what isn’t. Even as a child, I knew how wrong that statement was, but I was powerless to speak back because the follow up statement was always “Children should be seen, and Not heard”, wow, what a horrid combination to be taught by.

I grew up always knowing that that was so wrong, and I would never do that to my children, that crap stops with me, and my generation, future generations will be taught to “Practise what you preach” and “Lead by example”.

Children don’t just learn from our Words, what we say, but they mimic our behaviour. We are all our children know about the world, and are like sponges absorbing every detail, learning, mimicking, becoming mini me’s of the people that teach them.

What are we teaching them? This is where parents need to be honest and get real with themselves, and honestly look at what will these precious bundles of joy grow up to be, based on how we are moulding and shaping their character.

My 5 year old grand daughter had her first year of school last year, and learnt much about acceptable behaviour. Miss 5 didn’t get invited to a Birthday party and came home so upset, her best friend was invited and said Miss 5 wasn’t because nobody liked her, so instantly Miss 5 needed to learn the truth.

We explained to her how she won’t be invited to every party in life, and that’s okay, be happy for the ones that were invited and just know, you’ll be invited to other parties, and you’ll be excited and forget about the ones she wasn’t invited to, she won’t even remember them, there’ll be too many beautiful memories from the ones she attended.

We also explained to Miss 5 that it wasn’t true that nobody liked her and we named all her friends. We told her that when her best friend likes her one day, and hates her the next, that is not being a true friend. A true friend loves you at all times. We told her in life she will come across people that don’t like her, want to be mean to her, but you know what, you love them, you forgive them when they act silly or mean, and we love them because that is who we are, loving people, we don’t hate because they hate. Always act in love, treat everyone with respect, regardless of how they treat you.

Mind you, it is a Work In Progress, they didn’t receive instant revelation, but the more us as adults, keep reinforcing this way of behaviour, and live by example, so they may see what we are saying, the greater this behaviour will become a natural part of their character and they won’t struggle with these issues later in adult life, when it is much harder to unlearn, and then relearn, that is why if we love our children, we will train them up in which way to go, then when they walk alone as young adults, they will know right from wrong, and walk in the Way.

School in Australia started back on Tuesday, and Miss 5, who is now Miss 6, has already been invited to her first party of the year, and as irony would have it, her best friend did not get invited. Miss 6 came in from school yesterday, handed me the invitation without much enthusiasm, of which I would have expected greater excitement, but really didn’t think much of it, but looking back now, I get it.

Miss 6’s mother came home from work, not her usual jolly self, so I started probing, how was your day? etc, because I could see in her face something wasn’t right. My DIL explains that whilst at work she got an angry text from Miss 6s best friends mother, going off about Miss 6, so my DIL didn’t respond because she didn’t know how to and wanted to wait until she got home to tackle it as a family, so we read the text and could not believe it, it was strange and bizarre, wt???

So we asked Miss 6 about what happened, and nothing happened, she got the invitation, they were excited, she asked her best friend did she get one, she said no, and didn’t want to play with Miss 6, so she ran off and played with her other friends, so we’re baffled, why did we receive this nasty, angry text from this mother.

So still not knowing how to respond, and not wanting to further any hostility, we’re doing our heads in on how to respond, we are just shocked about what is going on. A couple of minutes later, yep, here it is, another text, even angrier than the previous, you could see this woman was angry and she wanted us to yell at Miss 6, and agree she had done something wrong.

So, we call Miss 6 back and now we are Not asking about what happened between Miss 6 and her best friend, but what happened between Miss 6 and her best friends mother, and there it is, the answer.

Miss 6 informs us that the mother works volunteer in the class, so we asked, did the mother say anything to her, and she said yes. The mother told her when she gets party invitations to keep it to herself, to keep it a secret, so it turned out that the mother was angry and hurt because her daughter didn’t get an invitation, and turns out she doesn’t get many, so the mother was hurt because it was another party her daughter didn’t get invited to, and she was angry with Miss 6 for being happy and mentioning she got invited because “kids, including her daughter, were upset”.

That happened at 8.45am, and we worked out she would have had a go at Miss 6 about 11am, and she was still texting us at 7.30pm, not happy, unless she knew Miss 6 was told off and in trouble, which has put us in a tight spot, because we will not be disciplining Miss 6 at all, she didn’t do anything wrong, this parent is wrong and acting like a 6 year old, and because of her hurt and anger she can’t see that, and to top that off, she wants Miss 6 to be disciplined, because she has focused all her hurt and anger toward a 6 year old.

We told Miss 6 that she did nothing wrong, and it was okay to be excited, and no, she doesn’t need to keep it a secret, but reinforced not to rub it in with others, not that she did.

Seriously, as parents, what do we teach our children?

If you don’t like something about what happened to you as a child, don’t inflict it on your children, change it, set them free from the generational burden that is not theirs to bare, lighten their load. Be the change for them, a living, breathing example to follow.

As parents, the most important job we have is moulding healthy, loving, functional children to become all that they can be when they reach adulthood. It is important to me that I know when my grand children are out in the world, they are contributing to society in a loving and respectful manner, life will be so amazing for them, for they will know true love.

We are not perfect, but I pray we always strive to constantly learn and grow ourselves so we may be better parents, and teach our children the best that life has to offer.

God Bless



Loving what I see …

I love adversity, it’s when the true character of a person is revealed.

It’s easy for everyone to be loving and kind when they are in a good mood, but once that dynamic changes and the waters start to get rough, that’s when you watch human nature reveal itself in it’s true form. Once people are challenged, instead of remaining loving and peaceful, that’s when the Human Will takes over & suddenly it’s a war.

The most beautiful and amazing people are the ones that remain loving and kind no matter what is going on, & they remain level headed.

These people just blow me away & I fill with awe when I see them, because I know I am witnessing a being that has been enlightened, and that is so beautiful, so inspirational, your heart just explodes with joy, to see such a beautiful being, and to witness such a pure heart.

Someone who has conquered all forms of self, and now walk in the Spirit, wow. I live to witness these moments, “on Earth, As it is in Heaven”, walking, breathing, loving, living examples of the Holy Spirit living through someone. As I said “Heaven on Earth”.

The other day when this Christian and I exchanged words, as she was disgusted by my use of Jesus pictures, and convinced I am going to hell for it, lol, it’s been awesome to watch Twitter and how it has changed.

This Christian came back at me again, and again I told her we need to agree, to disagree, but that was not satisfactory for her. It was like dealing with one of my grand-children, just couldn’t be told, had to have it their way, can’t let it go, just going on and on.

Anyway, she sent me a Tweet with two Jesus pics quoting Exodus 20:4, so I went to Exodus and read what she was on about, and instantly could see it was out of context, and their was a lack of understanding, so I let her know it was out of context.

But just like my grand-children, just kept going, so I did what I do with my grand-children, give them my full attention and I started seeking answers, because if they are being angry and irrational, I know their judgement and views can’t be trusted, because they are reacting to something, so if your going to come and give me a hard time, it better be based on Truth, not perception or mis-guided views.

So I went back to the Christians site & scrolled right through her feed, and yep, there it was, Jesus pics on her feed, that she had re-tweeted from another follower. I must have overlooked it the first time I looked, because I really wasn’t that interested, I just wanted to see who this person was, and why they are going off at me. But when she kept going, the second time I looked, I looked intently, and found it, but didn’t say anything, but just knew, you need to stop, you are being hypoctrical, but I kept my tongue for the moment.

Had this woman just let it go, and do as I suggested which was “agree, to disagree”, it could have ended in Peace, but she was not satisfied until she would change me, break me, whatever her agenda was, and her unwillingness to let it go, turned on her, and that was sad.

She came at me with the Old Testament, forgetting about Jesus and His Commands, and unintentionally, the outcome became an Old Testament solution, an eye for an eye, rather than a New Testament Jesus solution, to overlook an offense, Love covers a multitude of sins. In the end, when it had just gotten beyond the joke, I let her know about the Jesus Pic on her feed, and instantly, the Tweeting stopped, as I knew it would, because instantly she would know that actually pointed out the Hypocrisy of her rant.

Just like my grand-children, I call them on something, and instantly their is silence. But at least with my grand-children, we sit and talk after that, calmly, and they listen, and I explain where they took a wrong turn, and they get it, and move on, and they receive a character adjustment, a correction, but they know I’m not being mean, they know I love them and it is important to me, how they grow up, with Integrity, loving, kind, caring and respectful.

But with strangers, they are not my responsibility, it’s their choice if they listen or not.

However, I still like her, and I am not offended by her in any shape or form, but if your going to keep at me, eventually it will come back, sometimes that seems the only way to stop people, remind them of their own shortfalls, just to get them off your back, and to wake them up to the fact that they are being hypocritical, judgemental and angry.

The next morning I woke up & noticed that she had blocked me, and on her Twitter Account it states that if someone unfollows she unfollows back, so be it, she blocked so I blocked back, sometimes people need to think about what they say, treat people how you would want to be treated.

So I’m done with it, too much drama, especially coming from a stranger, so it ended Perfectly. But in saying that, if she came back to add me again, I would add her, I don’t hold grudges, or harbour bad feelings (it is what it is, get over it), I didn’t when it happened, and still don’t. I just don’t tolerate tantrums, lol, I’m too old for that crap, and life is too short 🙂

I pray she finds Peace and Revelation. I truly believe that if she let’s go of her pride, and goes deeper in her understanding, she will one day become the powerful witness that she tries and desires to be, but you can see she has work to do, just like all of us, but I truly hope that she doesn’t let what happened harden her heart further, but rather be a divine appointment with Jesus, to teach her and show her how to mature in her dealings with others.

So, I know her heart was in the right place, I can see she thought she was doing God’s work, saving my soul, so I know she did what she thought was right, I just pray she grows in wisdom & discernment, and learns to approach others in a more loving and compassionate way, it would have not back fired then, and possibly a gorgeous friendship could have been born, but sometimes things are meant to be, it’s just a learning step along the Way.

Now, I am more intrigued watching others on Twitter reacting to what happened between the two of us, nothing has been said, but you can see it in how the Tweets have changed, God I love human nature, never a dull moment, lol.

On the Plus side, I have met some amazing Christians who are the real deal, and I love watching their Tweets, and their interactions with others, they are awesome.

I’m loving life, it’s Perfect Warts n All, I’m finding myself all over again, and it is the Greatest Blessing 🙂

Love you all.

God Bless,


Stop condemning me to hell, it’s boring

I have been preoccupied by Twitter lately, and I am seeing that it has been of great benefit for me to do so. I love watching human nature, observing people, watching what they are like in the good, loving moments, and then witnessing the contrast that comes when the interactions aren’t so loving, and times get tough, and wow, what I have witnessed, is mind blowing to say the least.

Christians on Twitter are amazing, what you can learn from just observing them is very powerful, both in a good and a bad way.

When Christians are in a loving mood the Tweets are all about Jesus, love, loving one another, loving our enemies, forgiveness, tolerance, acceptance, prayers, faith, fellowship, all the fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit, and you can’t help but be inspired, uplifted, it all sounds so Perfect, so wonderful.

They quote Bible versus how to deal with anger, frustration, hate, grief, guilt, differences, all the sins of the flesh and how to overcome, and again, how wonderful, guidance on how to deal with the fleshly self and live in the fruits, and it shows truly what the Christian life is about and what following Jesus represents, means, and through all this, we are to be shining lights in a darkened world, leading to Christ.

Jesus even has examples that if a brother should offend or sin against you, you go to them and deal with it in private, then should they keep offending or sinning against you, go to your elders. Also, how Blessed it is to overlook an offense. We all get it, we know exactly what we should do, in every circumstance, turn to Jesus, and let Him lead the way.

So, in love, all the messages are Godly, all Biblical, all amazing examples of the Christian Way of Life, living from the Heart, just as Jesus did.

But what happens when a Christian takes offense at you, that’s where it gets interesting. Suddenly everything they tweet in love goes out the window, and they revert to their fleshly ways. Suddenly they don’t follow Jesus, but rather what they believe they should do, and instantly you can see, this Christian talks the talk, but does not walk the walk.

First sign of shaken ground and they revert to what Jesus tells us not to do, instead of showing that they really know their stuff, through the good and the bad, and truly know what they are talking about, they end up being empty words, with no substance what so ever.

I woke up this morning to a beautiful tweet from a Christian, it was a cartoon of a girl on a swing, with the quote “I will Praise the Lord all my Life”, so I returned a Tweet with a picture of Jesus quoting the Lord’s Prayer, and wow, how the dynamic changed.

Within a few minutes of me sending that tweet to this Christian then posted a general tweet to everyone (never talking to me, just at me):

Christian: Those who refuse my warning about using fake pics of Jesus & using them as a graven image God is speaking thr me. U will answer 1 day.

Me: Hey my sweet friend XXXXXXXXXX Just wondering what u mean by this, as I use Jesus pics all the time, so looking 2 clarify what you meant 🙂

Christian: I’ve tried 2 warn. U think I just blowing smoke but u will c the real smoke 1 day Disobeying.

Me: Please don’t talk in riddles at me & curse me behind my back. If you have something to say to me, I am approachable, let’s chat …

Christian: When u don’t listen to the warnings from God then u r dismissing me and think nothing of me and disrespect me. I don’t lie on God!

Christian: Saints u better wake up! God ain’t playing! Some won’t take correction! God sees all! judgement is coming! U better learn 2 b humble!

Christian: I see why pastors and Jeremiah get and got frustrated! So prideful ppl that won’t obey God’s commandments. If u love Him u will obey Him!

Christian: I’m going to bed. I’m tired of warning and pleading ppl to stop using graven fake pics of Jesus! Stubborn ppl. God called them stiffneck!

(Well now I’m intrigued, so I checked all this Christians tweets and found that she did not have one image of Jesus on her feed, and considering I had just sent her a Jesus pic, I knew who she was angry at, me, it didn’t take rocket science to figure that one out.)

Me: I may not agree with what you say, so we may have to agree to disagree & that’s okay, but do it in LOVE, not anger or frustration …

Me: If you are angry or frustrated, take it to Jesus, Im not responsible for your reactions to me, but I do care about you & that you have Peace

End Conversation …

First thing is, I didn’t know this Christian, they followed me and I followed them back. I have never heard that Christian warn anybody before, and instead of coming to me and telling me, the Christian generalises the tweets, in full knowing that they are directed at me, and they know that I know.

Secondly, I may only have 700 followers, and they may have 70,000, but that means nothing, that does not make me less than, nor make that Christian my authority in God, wow, that is really overstepping boundaries, to think that I must live by what they say, no I follow Jesus, and His instructions.

Reading this Christians tweets I saw self-righteousness, anger, hypocrisy, and I’m sure if I really thought about it, I could name a few more fleshly sins spraying out of this Christians bizarre tweets. The true colours show when the going gets tough, and I was just gob smacked at this Christians behaviour. It was like suddenly the Bible was thrown out of the window because it only suited her when she is loving. Suddenly it became about her, her warnings, her authority, not Jesus, wow, wow, wow.

These Christians I do not respect, I love them, I can see they have good hearts when the going is good, but I do not respect they’re hypocrisy when the going gets tough. They are not living examples of Jesus and His Ways, but rather a living example of their own ways, and it shows greatly.

Now, had that Christian approached me, I still would have stood by what I did. I am not going to be condemned by God for loving Jesus and admiring all artwork of Him.

God created art, He loves beauty, so it is this Christians belief that using images of Jesus is a sin, it is not, it is pure love and admiration for the one we seek and follow. It is dreaming of the face we will one day look into the very eyes of, imagining the love, the beauty, and it is Heavenly.

I have New Age Followers, I have Buddhists, I have business followers, I have Christian followers, I have Muslim followers, and I cannot please them all, I would end up a wreck trying to, so I do what comes from my heart, and all my friends on Twitter receive my love for Jesus through my tweets, through my character, my personality, and not one of my non-Christian friends has ever complained that I send Jesus images, and yet I would expect them to be the first to complain, but they are respectful of the fact that if they don’t like it they can unfollow me, otherwise that is who I am, that is me, but to be condemned by a CHRISTIAN for using Jesus image, wow, the world has gone mad.

I have more respect for the Non-believers that respect my Faith, than Christians that feel that they have the right to condemn me, and claim to be my authority.

The Bible states: walk in love, follow Jesus, forgive offenses, love all, including your enemies. It says do not judge, it says that just because someone finds something offensive doesn’t make it offensive, it’s the person judging that believes it be offensive, so her thoughts make it impure, but it doesn’t mean that it was, it came from a pure heart with pure intentions, so how is it wrong? It’s not.

Seriously, I can find so much wrong with the above exchange it’s not funny, and instead of what could have been an open minded form of communication and understanding, turned into one Christian condemning another, and being self-righteous about it, getting upset that I don’t accept their authority or their view.

I follow Jesus, and I fellowship with all, but somehow some Christians have taken the fact the you follow them on Twitter, to mean that it’s all about them, as you are their follower, they suddenly seem to forget who it truly is about, Jesus.

I pray for this Christian, I pray they wake up and go deeper into their understanding, and through Faith, they FOLLOW Jesus and learn what it truly means to be a Disciple of Christ. The first hint is a simple one, Let all that you do, be done in love. So the first question we need to ask ourselves when we are interacting, are we doing it through love? and if the answer is no, then we need to turn to Jesus in Prayer, and seek answers for ourselves, and if it is done through love, then it wouldn’t turn into a self-righteous exchange, but rather a loving and wise interaction.

More people would be Christians if more Christians became more like Jesus. It’s Christians that give Jesus a bad name, and yet we are supposed to be Ambassadors of Him and His heart, living by example, revealing to all what a beautiful, spiritual way to live, worth more than Gold.

I pray Jesus shines through us, as we learn to become more of Him, and less of Us.

The world is looking for Jesus, not us, we should be pointing to Him, not to condemnation, that is sheer foolishness.

Maybe this Christian might get a shock when they meet Jesus, and instead of Jesus saying “well done, you gave my wrath to so many, condemned them and turned them away from me, they were impure”, maybe He just might say “through your self-righteousness you turned many away from me, they never got to know me, yet I loved them, I longed for them, but they could not get past you and your self-righteousness, you did not follow me at all, so many were lost”, and would you see one tear run down his face for every lost soul that never found Jesus, how many tears would fall, how many souls would His heart break for. Suddenly, how would you feel standing in front of Jesus, and instead of Him smiling because of the way you lived, rather crying, saddened by the way you lived.

Would you then expect the same love, understanding and forgiveness from Jesus, that you would not show on Earth to the ones that Jesus loved.

Before we condemn anyone, we really should question our own path, and walk in the Lord.

Had this Christian read my blog she would have known that I had been sexually abused by a Reverend and then told I was going to hell for telling someone about it, and that caused me a lot of years living with PTSD in a spirit battle, and had I not worked through my issues with Jesus, that could have caused a lot of triggers, torment and harm, but I have learnt, no one on Earth has a say over my final destination, that is between me and God, and if God loves me, who are you to say that He’ll cast me into hell.

This Christian needs to re-read their own tweets, and take it as good advice for self, I pray for her, that was a bad example of what it means to follow Jesus. But through it all, I love seeing how far Jesus has brought me, that it doesn’t mean anything to me, but what it is, is just a Christian going off their head, and revealing what not to do in Christ.

I must say, I was amused by it, it was like talking to a bratty child throwing a tanty, and I love how that Christian gave me the opportunity to see how far I have come in my recovery, and that is priceless.

Anyway, in the Bible God says never go to bed angry, it’s a sin, and she did. I’m sorry I caused her to sin, lol. I pray she awakens in Peace, and wakes up to her duality, it’s a shame. She has such a huge following and that could make her a powerful witness for Christ, she let herself down.

Let’s hope she awakens in a better mood and decides to have forgiveness in her heart for me, we can only pray 🙂

I love that I am able to share my journey with you all, it’s such a Blessing to have you there, and never once have I been made to feel bad on here, rather always welcomed. It goes to show the difference between Twitter and it’s 140 characters and WordPress, you don’t really get to no anyone on Twitter, where as here, we grow a community of love, sharing and fellowship, and it just doesn’t get any better than that.

Have an amazing week.

God Bless,


The video below has nothing to do with the tweets, I just wanted to share it, it is absolutely amazing and worth watching, but if you are sensitive to Jesus Pics being used, please look away now 🙂





Profoundly Peaceful …

Hello my sweet friends, I’m back 🙂

It’s been a strange couple of weeks, where anything that could go wrong, did.

I didn’t have a computer, phone got cut off, internet slowed to a trickle, two cars needed repairing, my Landlord lied to me, my son started a new job that doesn’t seem to pay, my son and his partner were fighting over finances (they are terrible budgeters and trying to teach them does my head in, lol), the grand babies all got the flu, the 1 year old baby was rushed to hospital because she had convulsions due to her temperature, the heater in the house broke and my sons Landlord doesn’t seem to think that it is a problem if we are freezing everyday which made the babies sick, my mum’s not happy, she’s feeling neglected because I haven’t been home for about 3 months now, and in her eyes, I should put her first, not my children, and it goes on and on and on, anything and everything that could go wrong, did.

In spite of all of this, I seemed to have a profound peace about me, nothing rocked my boat. I just kept reminding the kids, you know all our lives we have been in positions where we didn’t know how we were going to cope or get through, but something always, always, happens, in Perfect Timing which sorts everything out, just wait for it. It was all I could do, was keep reminding them, we have been here before, and we have always been provided for, Jesus has never let us down.

We started calling to mind all of the times where we had no options, and every time, how everything fell into place, and not just what we needed, but plus some, so I just kept them focused on what is real to us, and that is our needs have always been met, so do not doubt now. Everyday all I was doing was reminding them over and over again, everytime they felt fear, I came back with “don’t, we’ve done this plenty of times, and this is no different, have faith”.

Then, just as expected, everything worked out perfectly, better than we could imagine. We caught up on all the bills, my son’s partners mother had a laptop that was given to her that she never uses, so she gave it to me, the kids are really taking budgeting seriously this time, babies are all well, all is well.

The whole time that this was happening I was on Twitter, just re-tweeting what others tweet day in and day out, and this is where the Profound Peace came in. Twitter was Perfect Timing. It’s funny how the internet was too slow to get on anything, except Twitter, it was like Jesus made sure I had enough flow to re-tweet, but no flow to be able to do anything else, so that I kept my focus on Him.

Over the past few years, because I have been dealing with PTSD for so many years now, I had gotten to a stage where I clung to every past memory of provision from God, constantly reminding myself every day, God has never let me down, He has always come through for me, He will this time to.

But because the Reverend had planted a dark seed that I was going to hell, the internal struggle that I was enduring, I thought the battle was going to kill me. For every memory of God’s provision, the dark seed from the Reverend came, counteracting everything I clung to, believed in, and Peace was nowhere to be found, the dark seeds were so loud, so destructive, and I had to constantly remind myself “I am not forsaken, everything is always in God’s Perfect Timing”, but I was broken, and the seeds were starting to convince me, maybe the Reverend was right, “what have I done that God should turn away from me”, and it was that stupid thinking that created so much trauma within, I had let the negative voices affect me.

I have been completely blown away over the past couple of weeks, it’s like “good old days”, where there are no dark seeds attacking me, so I remember and see clearly “God is good”, He has not changed, He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, it is me that changed, and I could not hear Him clearly anymore. But not this time, I have been on Twitter posting Jesus tweet, words of wisdom, day in and day out, and I’m guessing that that is why my peace is beyond understanding. I kept my eye on Jesus, stayed in His Peace, trusting His Provision, and holding Faith that His timing is perfect, and nothing rocked my boat, His Peace He gave me, His Peace sustained me, and not one bad seed got through.

As usual, everything worked out better than expected, like it always has done. Started off two weeks ago not being able to pay the internet bill, and everything going wrong, to two weeks later, and I have internet back, and my own laptop, and everything worked out better than expected.

Everything here became a mess, but Jesus loves messes, that is where He does His best work. I can see how it was Perfect Timing that the internet was slowed down, I couldn’t come on here to write about anything, and all I could do was tweet, which kept me focused on Jesus, and not the problem, and nothing rocked my boat.

I believe that everything had to go wrong, in order for Jesus to pull it apart and put it all back together the way that He seen fit, better than what we could have done, and it’s a bonus that He takes care of our worldly affairs. But the Blessing and treasure is in having His Peace upon me through it all, and I could share that abundance of Peace, with the Household. My DIL commented on how, no matter what happens good or bad, I just am. She is blown away how I don’t react to much and always expect good to come out of everything.

When you live 15 years of your life with everyone calling you everything nasty and negative, and always having a low opinion of you, it is more shocking when people say good things, and at the moment, people from my past who have caught up with me whilst I am at my sons, have all shocked me, I didn’t know that they seen such goodness in me.

(Isn’t funny how Society is always quick and willing to share the negative thoughts they have about you, but don’t say anything when they have good thoughts, so after all these years to be hearing good things about me, I don’t know what to do with that, like I have stated before I am neither good nor bad, I am, just me, but I obviously have become more comfortable with negative feedback, it’s like water off a ducks back to me these days, expected all the same, lol, but tell me something nice, I become speechless, don’t know how to react to that, not comfortable at all. Maybe I just don’t like feedback, good or bad, food for thought …)

Anyway, I could clearly recall all the times that Jesus has gotten us through, no dark seeds hindering my memory recall, I saw how posting Bible verse after Bible verse on Twitter, kept me in His Word, constantly reminding me that it is all about Him.

I seem to have found my passion again, I don’t get discouraged when things go wrong, I get excited, because that is when I get to watch Jesus do His greatest work. But because of the abuse, my passion had turned to dread through the darkness of the PTSD, (and the destructive seeds in the darkness) but now I have Peace, I felt the light, I knew I would be counting many Blessings, I was back to me, the one who always leaves everything up to Jesus, I am back, I feel aligned with Jesus again, I feel healed, I feel whole, I feel a new lease of life, where anything and everything is possible, and I am loving life, warts n all.

I love how I have let go, and am just going with Jesus flow again. I love how anxiety could not cripple me, but rather I was able to just dismiss it as a seed not welcome, and instantly my mind would feel the Peace once I rebuked the negative thought, and reminded myself that Jesus has got this.

I thought after suffering PTSD, and what I went through, I would never have that intimate relationship with Jesus again, it is just a long ago memory. Today I live in celebration that in spite of the PTSD, I still have Jesus Peace, and I live in the knowing, through Him, I live protected by Him, I feel His Presence again, and I am Blissful.

Now, I know, that I will never be fully free from the PTSD, it is part of my life now, and something that needs to be kept in check so as to not get out of control, but I know my God is greater than anything that this world can do to me, and there is nowhere I can go or be, and He can’t find me, help me, mentally, physically, spiritually, heart and soul. He cares about every detail of my life, the big and the small, and He took a shattered, broken soul, and returned the spark to my heart, and life to my soul.

Lately, I catch myself acknowledging how free I feel, and I am basking in the freedom. I didn’t know if it was going to last a day, a month, a year or a lifetime, so I just kept sending tweet after tweet, sharing Jesus, and allowing the love and peace that I felt to flow through, I was taking every advantage of this freedom while it lasted, living in the moment, sharing the abundance of love that I was experiencing, then, if the darkness returns, I don’t mind, I did what I could, and I know I will get through, I am just so grateful to have the free moments, where I can share Jesus in His fullness.

I love this Peace, it’s worth more than gold to a sufferer, and I am so grateful and so Blessed to have it.

I pray you all find the peace that you seek, and I pray it be profound, so that you know, it is supernatural, it is of God 🙂

Looking forward to spending time on here again, catching up on the blogs (there are so many, lol), love you all, I have missed you.

God I love this Gift of Peace, best Gift ever.

God Bless,



Slowing Down …

Hello my sweet friends, it’s been a couple of weeks since I blogged last because I have been unable to get on here, my internet has slowed down until we pay the bill 🙂 but as I am sure you are all aware, if you don’t pay on time, they make it hard to do anything, they punish you by slowing the download data to a mere trickle, but I have time, I can wait til the pages load, lol. But, it’s been good, a Blessing in disguise.

I have been spending a lot of time on Twitter (easy to load) and it has been very therapeutic for me. I have over 300 followers, (I followed about 50 & the rest found me and followed me) and I have not made one friend (I came close but that seemed to end as quickly as it started) and so I just watch the feeds and interactions, and do my own thing.

As you know, I am a Christian and love Jesus with my entire being, He is my first and only true love. Then, my next love is wisdom, I love wise souls, they are such a Blessing, no matter from what culture or religion, wisdom is wisdom, and all deserves respect, so the majority of what I post is Jesus 90% and others, ie., Dalai Lama, Buddha, Martin Luther King, Albert Einstein, etc., 10%, and I share all wisdom I come across.

But that does not win me friends at all, some Christians are quick to inform you that you will go to hell for posting such things, and non-Christians don’t come near me because of the Christian content that I post, but the reality is, it is my Twitter feed and I will post what I like.

Five years ago I would have taken their taunts to heart but I have learnt, what they think is of no consequence to me, it reveals their ignorance, not my wrong doing, so I just ignore their sly tweets, it’s not my problem, it’s their short fall, lack of knowledge, and understanding, which ironically, leads to wisdom.

Anyway, I haven’t known what I am online for, but am slowly working it out.

At first I thought it was to find friends, but now I realise, no that’s not it. I have been a loner, and on my own for most of my life. I was put into an orphanage at age 4, and that was the beginning of 50 years on my own. I would see my family over the years, but I was always treated as a stranger and outsider (except by my dad, he was my hero) and when you look at it, any groups I join, I am treated the same, the outsider (mmmm, food for thought there).

I started seeking Christian friends, thinking, great minds think alike, kindred spirits, but that was not so either, they see that I am not like them, so decide I don’t fit in.

For a few years I hung around with non-Christians, drinkers, gamblers, etc., just everyday people, but I don’t drink or gamble, or hang out at Pubs, and they felt that I was too sweet, too innocent to hang out with them, so wow, Christians believe I’m not good enough for them, and non-Christians think I am too good for them, so I stand alone, laughing, shaking my head, I am neither good or bad, I just am me.

The thing is, I love being on my own, it suits me, it’s what I have always known, but I make sure others don’t feel excluded around me, no one should be made to feel that they don’t belong, so with me, all are welcome, if you need a friend, I am here.

I realise I am a good friend to have, but can’t find others that feel the same for me, so I walk alone with Jesus.

Now that brings me back to Jesus, He loves everyone, He is all inclusive, and accepts us just as we are. You don’t have to pretend to be anything, He loves us warts n all.

I wonder how Jesus feels, seeing so much division amongst His loved ones, I wonder if His heart is saddened by it all.

Anyway, I have learnt people either like you or they don’t, and that is their prerogative. So you might as well be yourself, warts n all, and if that is good enough for Jesus, then it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.

It is better to be authentic and real, and if people don’t like me because of who I am, at least it’s based on truth.

You have to be true to yourself, because at the end of the day, you are the only one you have to live with, so Be you, and those that are authentic and genuine, will love you just the way you are.

Anyway, just sharing my thoughts with you, and popping by to say hello, and let you know I am thinking of you all.

Take care and stay Blessed, and remember, just be you …

You are beautiful … You are unique … And don’t let anyone make you doubt that.

Hopefully I’ll be back on here soon, I miss reading your Blogs.

Stay awesome my sweet friends 🙂

God Bless,






Use YOUR Life as an example …



When we were a child, growing up, we were in a constant state of learning and growing, life was a huge adventure. We learnt about love and family at home, we learnt about nature and all it’s wonders outside in the world, and we learnt from school and social situations.

At school (and other areas of life) it was important to be tested at each new level of learning, to see if we understood correctly or further study and more learning was needed, based on how we did in the test.

Our parents and teachers would be able to see where we were lacking, what we grasped easily, what we struggled with, what we just didn’t get at all, and focus future lessons in certain areas, to deepen our knowledge and further our understanding of what we were being taught.

It’s not much use getting all the answers right, if you didn’t know how you got to the end result, so through the test, we could be observed to see our weaknesses and our strengths, in order to achieve the best result for the student.

Students learn in different ways, and there is no one size fits all, the lessons will be the same, but the method of teaching will vary. If you are a visual person, then observing someone else do it, would be the best method of learning. If you are audio, then listening to instructions would suit you, but if you are hands on, you will need a instructor to guide you through. So when we can identify how a person absorbs information, then we can cater to their needs, for high quality learning.

But then we grow up, and we live by what we learnt, which makes me reflect on the Christian Way of Life, we never stop learning, we never stop growing, our whole life is learning the Teachings of Jesus, and living what we learnt, becoming more like Him.

Situations will come along our path where what we learnt will be tested, and just like when we were a child, Jesus will reveal to us, where we need to learn and grow, and the journey teaches us to live life through the heart, not the head.

With Christianity you can see when someone is understanding what they are learning because you see Jesus influence working through them, and when they speak, you can hear the Holy Spirit flow through their words, and that demonstrates that they understand, know and love Jesus and live by the Scriptures, it becomes their life.

I have been watching quite a few Christians online, and it is so black and white in contrast, you can clearly see the Christians that memorised the Bible, and the ones that live the Bible.

I watched a Christian online, I was observing the tweets, and they were Scripture written over the top of pictures, very beautiful to look at, inspiring to read, it was all good, until the test came. Someone must have questioned this Christian about the Scripture they were posting, and the Tweets start flying, it’s a Twitter war with a non-believer.

This Christian revealed clearly that they understood Scripture mentally, but it had not be transformed to their heart, there was no love in the responses what so ever, and were quite hostile.

The tweets stated “I don’t have to explain what Scripture means”, “I don’t have to explain my beliefs”, and the images that were coming through with the messages were suddenly of Sinners and going to hell, completely the opposite to what had been displayed before someone questioned their belief, and I witnessed an opportunity lost in explaining the beauty of Christ to a non-believer, and the Christian came across Better Than and Self Righteous, rather than loving and open.

If you explain why you believe and can only throw Scripture at someone, there is nothing that can be achieved, that is for the common good. Another non-believer now convinced that Believers are nut jobs.

Had that person used their own words, from personal learning and growth, to explain why their Faith is so strong, THEN use Scripture to identify experience with the teachings of Christ, that would have been a powerful testimony, and a non-believer instead of walking away empty, could have had an interaction with the Holy Spirit, but the Believer denied His flow, through His method of sharing and educating.

This world doesn’t need to know what their sins are, they live them everyday, they know what they are, but when they turn to a Christian to seek answers, condemning them through Scripture really is not a good idea. They are obviously feeling condemned by this world and their life, so why attend a Church, or become a Christian, to be further condemned. They might as well stay a heathen, and fight life the way they know, where they are.

When non-believers come to us, we need to accept that they are just like that child we once were, they will need answers in different forms, but as long as the answers are Scriptural, they can be expressed in various ways, visual, audio, hands on, and we should be open and receptive in looking for the best way to help them, recognise where they are coming from, and meeting them where they are, not expect them to start in the deep end, then sink or swim, they need a life raft, and through Christian, it should be the Christ.

So if someone asks you to explain your Faith, don’t tell them it’s because the unsaved are going to hell, don’t do that, that’s not based on love, that’s based on fear, instead explain Jesus, talk of His love, share how He has influenced and changed you, reveal His teachings through your actions, and without even having read the Bible, they will know what it is all about, because your life will be a walking and living example of Jesus love, and Scripture.

So, this Christian has much to learn, and I pray they do so, because I can see that if this Christian steps outside the box, and talks personally from experience, I know this Christian would be winning souls left, right and centre.

Sometimes we think that what we are doing is honoring Jesus and we are convinced it’s my way or no way, but the first thing we always must remember is, it’s all about Jesus and the Sinner, not us. That non-believer was on the road to Damascus, but he didn’t find the Saviour, because the Christian got in the way. We are all students, some are in prep, some in high school and some in university, but whatever level we are on, we have not learnt it all, we always have room for improvement.

This Christian had the opportunity to be a vessel for the teacher, but from what I witnessed, the student (non-believer) was the teacher. I wonder if this Christian realises, through that interaction he became the student.

I love Christians, they fill me with so much joy, when I hear them teach about Jesus from experience, Biblically sound, their life becomes Representative of Jesus and the Bible itself, and the knowledge and understanding of the Bible, is within them, written in their hearts, understood from their heads, and they express His love, not Hell’s fury.

Jesus came to heal the sick, not the healthy 🙂

God Bless,



If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it …

I am not broken, I am not crushed, I am not lost, nor I am upset in any shape or form. I am completely at Peace, and spending some alone time with Jesus.

I am so grateful to the trolls that came to me the other day. It caused me to have a panic attack, and it was the best thing that ever happened. Had they not done that, it would not have been possible for me to witness the personal growth within, had someone not challenged my boundaries.

I know within myself, I have growth. Had I been attacked online a year ago, the way I was the other day, I would have had a complete meltdown that lasted weeks, even months, where as, it lasted one day, that was it, really, how awesome is Jesus, He taught me to look to see what I could learn from this, get back up, and dust myself off, what an awesome lesson to have learnt, to shake it off, do not take it personally.

I felt within myself, strength, in spite of my weakness. I could feel within, all the pain from the past arise. It confused me, is this a past threat haunting me? or a current threat pursuing me? The past and present awoken in the same moment, and they clashed, my mind overloaded, and panicked. But in spite of this, I stood my ground, remained in peace, and was in awe, at how, at the same time that I felt weak physically, mentally and emotionally, my spirit was strong in the Lord, I was completely aware that my mind had shutdown and gone into chaos, and I became an observer of my thoughts, rather than a reactor to the situation, and Jesus sustained me with His Peace.

I see within myself, there is still work to be done with this. I have spent years working with Jesus, learning to block my thoughts, and being on Guard when listening or reading, so that triggers don’t instantly go off should I hear anything that could awaken the past trauma, it was tough, and a hard lesson to learn, but I saw that I had managed to do well at learning, because nothing that I read the other day rocked my boat, it was like water off a ducks back, but what I noticed, it wasn’t words that affected me, it was the vile visual image that my eyes came across, instant triggers went off, which caught me off guard, and instantly, a complete meltdown, my mind was caught off guard. It was prepared for the written word, or hearing, but I had never in my wildest dreams, expected that visual was unguarded, wow.

So, my trolls did me a massive favour, they showed me where I have work to do, on my visual being, because that is the part of me that was weak, and caught unaware, so it’s all good, I now know, guard up, I have work to do in this area.

All in all, it’s been an amazing week, Perfect, warts n all. I have witnessed how far I have come, but still have away to go, strengths I did not know I had or Jesus rebuilt within I should say, and seen work I need to do, and through it all, I knew Jesus was and is with me, I did not feel disconnected from Him in any shape or form, my mind was prepared, no drama’s here 🙂

Anyway, thank you for your love and support, don’t think it went unnoticed, because it did not, and it felt wonderful, just knowing that you were there, listening, encouraging, and supporting, that’s what makes life so sweet, no matter what your going through, when you have loving souls, barracking for your best 🙂

I am truly Blessed by you.

Have an amazing week, I pray you be filled with love, joy and peace, and don’t let anyone rock your boat, but if they do, make it a wonderful lesson to be learnt, that way, your a winner, no matter what is happening.

Love you all.

God Bless,